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Sacreds Seeds Sanctuary

 The Sacred Seeds Sanctuary at Luna Nueva is a dynamic collection of medicinal plants that protects and celebrates not only biological diversity in Costa Rica and the tropics, but also the diversity of cultural knowledge related to these plants worldwide. Our Sacred Seeds garden currently houses over 300 tropical medicinal plants. In a world where 50 to 200 species become extinct every day due to deforestation, over harvesting, or other human activity, the sanctuary aims to preserve the genetic material and cultural use of these plants.The winding path of the sanctuary brings the visitor through three different sections of environmental diversity representing the various cultural groups of Costa Rica; indigenous, Afro-Caribbean, and European descended Ticos.We offer a guided tour of the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary (detailed below) that is discounted to hotel guests, and only $35 dollars .  Because there is so much to see and do on our 200 acre organic farm, you might want to consider staying a few nights in our beautiful rainforest accommodations.  And if you like the idea of strolling on beautiful rainforest trails and through lush organic gardens, then check out the other farm tours and hikes that we offer.


sacred seeds sanctuary costa rica


Sacred Seeds Garden Reviewed

Organic Gardening Magazine Online printed a nice story on our Sacred Seeds Garden.

Sacred Seeds Challenge

Global climate change, loss of habitat, aggressive agricultural practices, pollution, over-harvesting and the loss of generational medicinal wisdom are threatening important plant species, and the medicinal wisdom that surrounds them. Without intervention, we could be facing a dramatic global loss of biodiversity. You can do your part – join New Chapter to protect our seed heritage by participating in the Sacred Seeds Challenge.

Plants of Semillas Sagradas

sacred seeds semillas sagradas

We are happy to provide you a free download of the book Semillas Sagradas by Rafael Ocampo and Michael J. Balick. This book highlights many plants from the Sacred Seed Garden at Luna Nueva and is illustrated with full color photographs.


Sacreds Seeds Sanctuary


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