Finca Luna Nueva is on the caribbean slope of Costa Rica’s continental divide and neighbors the world famous Children’s Eternal Rainforest.  The Children’s Eternal Rainforest is the vibrant green heart of approximately 250,000 areas of protected forest in the volcanic highlands of Costa Rica, which larger area includes the cloud forests of Monteverde and the rainforest of the Arenal Volcano near Fortuna.  This is one of the largest protected regions of rainforest north of the Amazon and is home to an extraordinary display of flowering plants, birds, butterflies, lizards, and mammals.  Just on our farm we have seen more than 250 bird species and rare fauna like ocelots and jaguars. This region is home to more than 10 life zones, meaning you can within a short distance from the farm encounter cloud forests, premontaine rainforests, seasonal rainforests, and transitional forests, bridging the continental divide.

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Costa Rica is, after all, on the Panamanian Land Bridge, a thin slip of land that formed about 5,000,000 years ago and now connects South and North America.  When the land bridge rose from the sea, it created a biological switchyard between the two continents and the two oceans.  Much of the biological diversity of the Americas is due to this land bridge, and here at Luna Nueva we are privileged to be the very center of this great biological experiment.

More than half of our property is protected primary rainforest, and we also have large expanses of secondary rainforest and Demeter-certified Biodynamic farmland. Working with one of Costa Rica’s great plant scientists, Rafael Ocampo, we created Semillas Sagradas, the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary that is home to more than 300 medicinal plants used in the tropics.


We have created extensive trails and classrooms throughout these areas of our property, and our nature guides will lead you on a journey of discovery.