Our Sacred Seeds Sanctuary has been described as one of the finest medicinal herb gardens in the world.  Working with famed Costa Rican plant scholar Rafael Ocampo, we have brought together more than 300 plants prized for their medicinal or sacred uses.  The Sacred Seeds tour allows you to see – and sometimes taste or touch – these botanical treasures as they are found in nature.  This is not a sculpted garden in the European tradition.  Rather, it’s a garden arranged by growing conditions – sunlight, shade, slope, and water saturation – designed to give these medicinal plants a familiar environment.  You would have to travel to many countries and continents to see these plants in their native environments, and our sanctuary allows you to see them on a short guided tour.

Medicinal plants are severely threatened by climate change and over harvesting.  Some plant experts predict that many of the world’s most important medicinal plants will go extinct this century, and our Sacred Seeds Sanctuary was created to help bring as many medicinal plants through the “extinction bottleneck” as possible so that they’ll be available for generations to come.  We created the international Sacred Seeds Project,, which is now administered by United Plant Savers, Our Sacred Seeds Sanctuary was the foundational garden in this international effort to save threatened medicinal plants, and we invite all guests and our community to walk our Sacred Seeds trail and experience firsthand the history, and perhaps the future, of medicine.   For more information about our Sacred Seeds tour and for a free download of the book Semillas Sagradas visit our website at Sacred Seeds Tour