1. How far is Finca Luna Nueva from each airport in Costa Rica?
      Finca Luna Nueva is located in San Isidro Penas Blancas. It is a 2.5 hour drive from the Juan Santamaría International Airport. It is a 3 hours drive from the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia Guanacaste. We are only 30 minutes
      from the local airport, El Tanque, in La Fortuna San Carlos.
    2. Is there bottled water available to purchase at the lodge?
      No, we don’t sell bottled water. The water from the tap is potable.
    3. Do you serve alcohol on the premises?
      We offer beer, wine, cocktails and more.
    4. Do you allow pets?
      No, we do not allow pets.  We will, of course, accommodate properly licensed service animals wearing a vest and leash at all times. In fact, one of the owners of the farm has a Service Dog on premises.
    5. Are you handicap accessible?
    6. Do you serve vegan meals?
      Yes, we can accommodate certain dietary restrictions.  Please notify us while making your reservations of any specific dietary needs.
    7. How much rain do you get?
      Rainy season is usually from mid-May until the end of December. However, we can have rain at any time all year round, and even during rainy season we have periods of sunshine.  It’s the rainforest!
    8. Do you have a lot of bugs?
      There are a lot of incredible creatures that live in the environment. We do our best to keep accommodations and public areas clean and safe for guests.
    9. How do I get information about organizing a group retreat?
      Please contact Egenia Fernández, at [email protected]
    10. Do I need to bring special clothing or shoes with me? 
      We recommend quick drying pants and comfortable tee shirts.  We sell rain panchos in our gift shop, but you might want to bring your own lightweight rain gear. We have rubber boots for guests to use when needed.
    11. How far are you from a doctor or hospital?
      We are 40 minutes away from a private doctor and hospital clinic.
    12. Do you have hot springs?
      Some of the greatest hot springs in the world are nearby.   We are happy to arrange a trip to one of the many hot springs that are located approximately 30 minutes away.
    13. How long is the drive from Finca Luna Nueva Lodge to downtown La Fortuna?
      The drive is approximately 25 minutes.
    14. What amenities are offered at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge?
      The lodge offers many different accommodation options, full service restaurant, a small gift shop, on- and off- site tours, Wi-Fi in selected areas, an ozonated pool, miles of trails, a yoga pavilion, a bird-watching platform, and a solar-heated jacuzzi.  Many of the leading adventure tour companies will pick you up at the lodge for an extra charge.
    15. What services are included in the rates?
      A delicious breakfast buffet is included in your stay.
    16. Do you sell beverages?
      We make homemade kombucha and ginger ale, with most ingredients sourced from the farm. We also have a non-carbonated ginger/lemongrass drink and a broad selection of fruit smoothies.  We also offer beer, wine, and rum-based blender drinks.
    17. Do you have rooms with a kitchen?
    18. The rates are per person or per room?
      The rates are per room. Rates also vary with occupancy and the time of the year.
    19. Can you provide transport from the airport to Finca Luna Nueva Lodge?
      Yes, we can arrange for a private shuttle company to pick you up and drop you off at any of the airports located in Costa Rica.   Inquire for pricing.
    20. Is the farm near the Children’s Eternal Rainforest?
      The farm borders the Children’s Eternal Rainforest, and we can arrange for expeditions to visit this famous site.
    21. What are the temperatures like?
      On average, the temperatures are always high. Range between 75 F and 88F. On average, the warmest month is April and the coolest month is January.
    22. Are mosquitoes bad there? If so, do you have some kind of repellant?
      We are in the rainforest, but mosquitoes haven’t been an issue at our Ecolodge. We always sell natural mosquito repellant at our Souvenir Shop.
    23. Should I get any shots before coming?
      Generally, no shots are needed
    24. Do I need any local currency, or is U.S. dollars good there?
      Costa Rica’s biggest economy is based on tourism so dollars are accepted in all touristic areas. Bring small bills ($20’s, $10’s, $5’s) It’s always good to carry some local currency if you wish to buy on the streets.
    25. Can I use a bank Visa debit card most places there?
      Yes. The most accepted credit cards are Visa and Mastercard. We don’t recommend American Express.