Would you like some topsoil with that salad?

Industrial agribusiness uses harsh methods to produce inferior food.  Toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers distort ecosystems, and there’s almost nothing more damaging than applying steel to soil – otherwise known as tilling.  As a result of agribusiness malpractice, the planet loses about 75 billion tons of top soil per year – ten tons per person per year.  So the next time you order a salad with foods grown industrially, you might be asked if you’d like a wheelbarrow of soil with that meal!

The alternative is REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE, which is what we practice and teach here at Finca Luna Nueva.  Regenerative agriculture uses time-tested natural methods of food production that result in new topsoil every year.  Carbon dioxide is drawn down from the atmosphere and turned into plant sugars a/k/a carbohydrates, feeding the growing plants and the thriving food web of microorganisms in the soil.  The result is a reversal of climate change, the production of healthy and delicious food, and the creation of greater soil fertility and food security.

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