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Latest Finca Luna Nueva Updates (July 2023)

It’s been a deeply fulfilling year for us, and we finally have a chance to say hello and update you on the latest. So, where do we start? Did we mention how busy we are? Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for all your wonderful support of our regenerative experience and mission. Let’s start […]
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A Day in March at Luna Nueva

Well, it wasn’t March 4th, but our souls commanded us to march through the farm with lots of friends, new and old. Two regenerative farming experts, Gaabi Hathaway and Zach Wolf, visited us from the renowned Caney Fork Farms in Tennessee, and Mary Little and her colleagues brought us a busload of students from the […]
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Regenerate Now!

It’s September, 2019, and millions of students around the globe are striking to demand action on climate change. We are in solidarity with all those young voices, especially the voice of Elias Gradinger in Brattleboro, Vermont. Elias is our grandson, and he and his classmates held up a banner calling out for regenerative agriculture to […]
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