There’s a New Sloth in Town!



We’ve watched this mama sloth raise her baby girl, and for those of you who follow our journal we’ve documented some of her tender care.  As Carlos Rodriguez from our reception team has said, she’s a very good mama, and for months she’s put on a show of her mothering skills right in front of our reception area. Carlos is also a brilliant professional photographer, and yesterday he shared some photos of a major life moment for the mother and baby.  The pair, shown about, have been inseparable for five or six months, but it was time….


Time for the baby to take off on her own!  Tropical biologists teach that a mama sloth leaves her territory and surrenders it to the youngster.   The young sloth has learned the terrain, trees, and foods of that territory, so she’s in the perfect place to get started in what we hope will be a 25-30 lifespan.

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge is a regenerative biodynamic farm.  Fundamental to both “regeneration” and “biodynamics” is the life force a/k/a ecological vitality and diversity of the overall farm.  Having dozens of two and three-toed sloths living with us at Luna Nueva tells us that we’re doing our job!