Corridor Reforestation Program

In an effort to encourage the large mammals such as the jaguar and puma to return to healthy numbers in our forest, we have begun a project building biological corridors. Species which require a large area of forest to live and hunt happily can increase in numbers when they are not confined to a single area or altitude. Due to invasive human intervention much of their natural habitat has been divided.

While we can preserve our section of the rain forest, it won’t be enough to preserve its creatures unless their natural habitat is extended.  Come with us to this biological corridor and plant a tree to help us achieve our goal of connecting the 50 hectares of Luna Nueva’s rain forest with the 22,500 hectares of The Children’s Eternal Rain Forest. Our hope is that through planting trees that extend sections of the rain forest we can create protected corridors, enabling wildlife to travel through much larger areas.

Departure at Luna: Upon request

Duration:  2  hours

Recommended ages: 7-80 yr old.

Rack : $37 per person + 13% Tax

What to bring:  Quick dry clothing or poncho, socks, sun block, mosquito repellent, camera.

Includes:  Entrance fee, rubber boots, and professional bilingual guides.

This tour is not available for non-guest.