Ice on Fire

Ice on Fire, a feature-length documentary from TreeMedia, has been greenlit by HBO.  The production team is traveling from the North Pole to the deserts to mangroves to the rainforest, capturing on film our existential environmental crisis.  The rainforest segment was just filmed at our farm and lodge, and we were thrilled to participate.

The production team was led by Leila Connors (director), Mathew Schmid (producer), the camera team of Harun Mehmedinović and Steve Gute, Jae Kim in charge of sound, Eddie Mnoian doing the aerial cinematography, and executive producers including George DiCaprio and Earl Katz.

Thom Hartmann and Janine Benyus joined our farm’s Tom Newmark and Steven Farrell in describing the great opportunity of regenerative agriculture to reverse climate change and to recreate the productive topsoil of our planet. Thom is perhaps America’s #1 progressive radio and television host and is the author of many books including The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight.  Janine is a deeply respected biologist and author of Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature.  She is also the co-founder of The Biomimicry Institute, and consults with corporations and governments worldwide.

Stay tuned for details about the film.  Until then, check out some photos of the filming taken at our farm.  First up, the director Leila Connors instructing the crew, with Janine, Tom, and Thom in the background.

The filming went smoothly, until that tree jumped out of the rainforest and attacked the drone, held here by Steve of the camera crew.  At least that’s one possible version of the story….

We were grateful to Earl Katz for introducing us to TreeMedia and helping produce this film.  He’s shown here on the left with his friend Thom Hartmann.

Steven and Tom reveled in the opportunity to introduce the world to our Sacred Seeds Sanctuary and our work with regenerative agriculture. In the foreground are Mathew Schmid (on the left) and Harun.

And why do we devote our lives to regenerative agriculture?  It’s our sacred obligation to our children and future generations.  We owe them a livable planet that is rich with biodiversity, nourishing food, and natural beauty.  This duty was depicted in a precious moment on the set, where Tom Newmark with his granddaughter Eloise Gradinger walked through our regenerative grove of cacao.

Pura Vida, and Happy Earth Day from all of us at Finca Luna Nueva!