Resolute in Regeneration… the rest of the story

Regeneration. This is our prayer and our polestar. Yes, we’ve been an organic farm from the beginning. Still, the climate crisis has raised the standards, requiring we ask: Do our actions put carbon back to work underground by optimizing the life force of the soil? Are we contributing to the biodiversity of our region in ways that can be measured both in the quality of our soil and in the abundance and variety of life in the Forest? 

The Forest has Spoken

When the Great Green Macaw, a prehistoric parrot, disappeared from our ecosystem a few decades ago, it’s absence was felt. Then in 2019, we celebrated the raucous return of this iconic species to our farm. Did our regenerative agroforestry contribute to this success story? We believe it did. By planting the Almendro de montaña (Mountain Almond tree), we brought back a source of nourishment for this iconic species of macaw. Then, by planting the Almendro de playa (Beach Almond), like a sonar signal to the Scarlet Macaw, a red echo of their green cousin, these magnificent birds came to feast on our farm, too.

On land, we’re getting similar feedback that the ecosystem is thriving. Evidence by the frequent and varied sightings of the ever-charming red-eared agouti, the elusive ocelot, a jungle weasel called the tayra, the shy and stinky collared peccary, the golden-mantled howler monkey, the white-nosed coati, the lesser anteater, and our beloved two, and three-toed sloths. The Forest has spoken a resounding, celebratory, yes

Resolute in Regeneration

There’s much work to be done to regenerate our world, but the wonderful news here at Finca Luna Nueva is our work is also our play. For us, regeneration = recreation. 

In the immortal words of John Lennon… You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. 

We thank you for joining us in Soilidarity, united in regeneration for our planet… so the world will be as one.

Pura Vida!

Tom Newmark,