Welcome, Kathryn and Amy, to the Lunatica Family!

One of our recent guests, Kathryn Field, wrote of her experiences at Luna in her TripAdvisor review.  Here’s what she had to say:

From farm fresh yogurt, produced using biodynamic farming to freshly made espresso every morning to wandering through the rainforest with sunlight streaming through the ancient canopy, turning the water into liquid gold, this place is truly like a dream. Everything here takes you back and connects you to the earth. On the chocolate tour, you’ll walk among glossy leaved cacao trees, their pods shining like rubies among the emerald colored foliage. The experience of making chocolate from the fresh cacao itself is far more valuable then emeralds or rubies, though. I won’t spoil the surprise, but let me say that this experience is not one to be missed during your stay at Finca Luna Nueva. Besides dreaming about chocolate, my days here were spent learning about indigenous plants, fruit trees and spices and Finca Luna Nueva’s effort to cultivate them on their large piece of pristine rainforest land. The guides here are unbelievably knowledgable, taking time to explain each plant, each sound, each scurry through the underbrush, shining a light on the complexities of the rainforest. In closing, I highly recommend Finca Luna Nueva to anyone and everyone, it is a place you and your family will not soon forget.


Well, Saint Kathryn, we so loved reading your review that we thought to give you a review in return!  First, the two-toed sloth came down to welcome you and your incredible mother, Amy.  We don’t always see Mrs. Two Toed, so that was an indication that your visit was to be a special one.

And then Mrs. Three Toed went one toe further and came down the tree near the reception to offer her special welcome!

And not to be outdone by the mammals, the Colombian zapote trees decided to produce an unbounded bounty of the most delicious fruits, tasting like the sweet love child of pumpkin and persimmon.

You and your mom are imaginative chefs who inspired our lead chef Jenny and her team to reach for culinary stars, and we’re forever grateful to you for all your ideas and guidance.   And it was sure fun playing in the kitchens with you, licking the spoon so to speak.

And Amy and Kathryn, thanks for the menu guidance!  You and Terry had a harmonic convergence and came up with loads of new menu items.

So we at Luna salute Amy and Kathryn, Lunaticas who have made each and every meal, and each and every day, more delicious.   Amy and Kathryn are private chefs based in Kauai, but they work around the world.  They have a deep, conscious, and sacred connection to Mother Earth, and they consult with ecolodges on menu planning, food display, and coordination of farm to table.  For more information, check out http://www.amyfieldprivatechef.com.  Pura Vida!